• Tennsure has been converting many kinds of adhesive products/EMI gasket / card cable / thermal conductive interface material since found in 1985. We have come a long way with single purpose of satisfying our customers need by providing best quality products and services.
    Our factory is located in Tao-Yuan , Taiwan. A computerized management is offering high efficiency.

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  • 服務項目
    電子工業材料事業部_光電材料.EMI遮避材,特殊沖模材,特殊膠帶_光電材料 EMI遮避材,特殊沖模材,特殊膠帶 電子工業材料事業部 電子工業材料│ 光電材料│ EMI / EMC 遮蔽材
    生活事業部_光電材料.EMI遮避材,特殊沖模材,特殊膠帶_光電材料 EMI遮避材,特殊沖模材,特殊膠帶 生活事業部 上青袋 │ 寢具潔護套
    國際貿易部_光電材料.EMI遮避材,特殊沖模材,特殊膠帶_光電材料 EMI遮避材,特殊沖模材,特殊膠帶 International Trade Department Electronic materials, electronic hardware, industrial materials, industrial hardware, abrasive materials, various filter materials..., if you need other advanced products, please welcome advice.

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